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这是我们在2017年为澳洲墨尔本大学的学妹创作的一篇culture essay 代写范文,首先在开头introduction的部分介绍文章的讨论方向,首先提出亚文化是指大文化中的文化群体,它往往与大文化的兴趣或信仰不同。在这篇文章中,我们将将介绍一种亚文化---狂欢。

As it is known, subculture refers to a cultural group in a larger culture, which often is different from the interests or beliefs of the larger culture. In this article, I will introduce a subculture--- Rave. It usually refers to a dance party with a great deal of dancing people at a festival featuring performance, dance club, or nightclub. In the late 1950s, the "rave" was utilized to explain the "wild bohemian parties" in London. Until 1958, Buddy Holly described the hit "Rave On," which means the frenzy and madness of a feeling as well as the desire for it never to stop. In general, the word "rave" was also used in the burgeoning mod youth culture to describe a wild party in 1960s. Moreover, people were seen as "ravers" because people were gregarious party animals. In 1980, the “Rave” scene began as a subculture in England, at the same time, it has developed a mainstream culture in America (Helen, 2007).


Charles Horton Cooley once pointed out "the Looking Glass Self" theory in 1990s. Self in this theory is not same as the self that is a reflection of the body, and it also not same as the self that is tangible, touchable. At the same time, Cooley's theory (the Looking Glass Self) is the maintenance and emergence of self-identity, that is to say, other people "think" who you are (Cook & Douglas, 1998). Cooley described that self-identity is regarded as a image that come from social relations. Therefore, how you think about yourself and who you are, which is bound up in relationships inseparably and intimately. Meanwhile, Self-identity also comes from the communicative context and likes an interactive mirror reflecting one's image and behavior (David & Turner, 1992).


All in all, people sometimes do not know who they are in our society, until somebody tells them. Just like ravers, they can find themselves and know who they really are only through raving.

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