[代写范文]编号171347 新西兰公共管理论文代写

这是我们在2017年为新西兰奥克兰大学的学弟妹们写的一篇公共管理类essay,首先开头交代相应信息。本文分析了媒体工具包中使用的策略。 它主要评估媒体发布,标题,引导段落和关于新闻价值的引用。 它还评估媒体工具包的其他部分,包括推特使用,时间安排,音调和媒体列表。

This essay analyses the strategy used in the media kit. It primarily assesses the media release, headline, lead paragraph and quotes with respect to the newsworthiness. It also assesses other parts of the media kit, including twitter use, timing, pitch letter and media list.


The organization holding this event has a clear target group of people who are holding more negative attitudes towards reading and they want to expand the public relations in this respect. The organization also has a clear objective to remind people the importance of reading and encourage their willingness in reading. The original information is interpreted based on the interest of the organization. The media kit is presented in a way focusing on encouraging more people to participate in reading and attending the opening ceremony. The preferred interpretation of the reality is called “framing”. The framing can guide the audiences’ ways of thinking and motive them more easily (Lakeoff 2004; Macnamara 2012, p.267). My presentation did not change the authenticity of the original information but constructs the information in a creative narrative in order to attract more audience and achieve the goal of the organization. According to Bivins (2008, p.64), there are several factors to assess news value, including consequence, interest, timeliness, proximity, and prominence. Through the assessment, the kit and event contains news values in several aspects. Firstly, as a large number of people in Victoria are reading lovers so that inviting celebrity writer during the opening ceremony will cause many people focusing on this event. Secondly, as a large-scale activity relating to reading and many people are J.K Rowling’s fans, the event will attract a large number of people’s attention. Thirdly, the event will take place at 11:00 a.m. on Sunday, May 14, 2017. In this sense, it is a very new and exciting information for Rowing’s fans and reading lovers. Fourthly, the event will take place at 221, Burwood Hwy, Burwood VIC 3125 and engage a number of students at Deakin so that it is an event taking place at the local area, which means the event can connect with a certain number of people in Victoria. Fifthly, this event is related to the celebrity writer, J.K. Rowling, who is still a popular writer currently. The headline contains the primary information of event. The headline would be attractive for the people who love reading and Rowling’s fans as the headline contains the keywords relating to the celebrity and reading activity. Moreover, the headline has a strong viewpoint to encourage more people to read. However, the problem is as the headline show a strong positive viewpoint on reading, it may be hard to engage the target group-the people who are reading less and holding negative viewpoints on reading. The length of the headline is 12 words. According to Bennett (2013), in English, headlines with 16-18 words are performing better than headlines any length. The headline in the media kit did not reach the best length. As the event will be held at Deakin University Library. It is clear that the event can attract a large number of university students. In this sense, the headline can contain the location of the event to attract more audiences and reach the best length. The leading paragraph contains Why, When, What, and Who but not contain the specific location and how to hold the activity. The lead paragraph has mentioned the university as the holder of the event. Based on the length limitation of the lead paragraph, the university library is not a special place contain the news value. Moreover, to illustrate the element “how” may use a number of words, which many make the lead paragraph wordy.

最后给出结论,媒体发布,标题和主题段的介绍是合适的。 Twitter的使用应该更积极地与目标受众互动。 在音调中,所接触的媒体与其消费者的关系应该是合理的。 媒体列表应该更具体地连接事件的目标受众。

In conclusion, the presentation of the media release, headline and lead paragraph is appropriate. The twitter use should be more actively engage with the target audience. In pitch, the relation of the contacted media and its consumers should be justified. The media list should be more specific to connect the target audience of the event.


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